Our Story

My Sister's Stuff Boutique was established in 2017 with the promise and goal to bring a high quality lifestyle line of clothing to fit todays modern women. We have a sincere desire to cater to the busy professional as well as the stay at home mom.  It is important that our styles transition from day to night with ease.  We have a contemporary style and love feel good fabrics that are easy to care for and have a comfortable fit. Our styles flow seamlessly from season to season and are easily interchangeable for multiple styling options. Welcome to our online house of style.

My Sister’s Stuff Boutique A.K.A. M.S.S Boutique was created for a sister by a sister. Kimberly Shelby's story of resilience and dedication to beauty and fashion  inspired the style story of so many women including my own journey to self confidence, health and positive body image.   Rest in heaven.


“Beautiful girl you can do hard things” ~ Unknown

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