“Yes Girl Everything” The Closet Edit!

“Yes Girl Everything” The Closet Edit!

Every season do you find yourself making space for those new must have items in your wardrobe  I’m guilty and my closet is overflowing! Can any of My Sista’s  relate? Sometimes we just have too much STUFF! ... Never that last part!  But all jokes aside,  clutter and disorganized spaces can make it hard for us focus, leave us feeling frustrated and sometimes even depressed. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with starting over. In fact it’s refreshing. Let’s dive in!


Pull everything out! “Yes girl everything” I know this sounds daunting but a part of getting organized and decluttering, is knowing what you have to start with. 

Stay focused on the finished product or “the prize” I always say and I guarantee you can get through it. 


The 5 pile rule : keep, try-on, give, toss, and seasonal. Small piles will keep you from getting completely overwhelmed. Grab the baskets a bin, a can and a friend key the music and lets do this sis. I got you! 


Clean: Take advantage of the empty space by giving your closet a good wipe down. Get rid of dust on any shelves and vacuum the floor. This is also a good time to restock any cedar to deter moths from destroying your favorite cashmere sweater.




Keep – Before putting an item back in your closet, ask yourself this: Does this fit? Have I worn it in the last year? Is it still in good, clean condition? Do I feel good wearing it? If the answer is no to any of these questions, consider redirecting it to another pile. Hang or fold any keep clothes and put them back in the closet.

Try On – Trying on all undecided clothing at once is much easier than each piece as you sort through it. Keep any clothing that fits and you still enjoy. Put the clothes on a hanger or fold them neatly and put them back in the closet. Anything else should filter down to the Give pile. If necessary, keep a small pile of undecided items and return to them at the very end where you might have an easier time making a decision.

Give – Unwanted and unworn clothing clutters up your closet for no reason. Considering donating used clothing or hosting a clothing swap with friends. Remember, just because it’s a great shirt, it doesn’t mean you’re ever going to wear it – but someone else might love to.

Seasonal – Clothing specific to one season has no need to be in your closet the rest of the year. Store these items away until the right season in storage bins, under bed boxes, garment racks or spare closets. Make sure when you take your seasonal clothing back out, you remove any past-season clothes from your closet, always keeping some in seasonal storage.

Don’t forget to go through your clothing storage outside of the closet – follow the same process with dressers, trunks and coat closets. If dresser drawers have become cluttered, use fabric or spring-action drawer dividers to keep smaller items organized.

Use decorative baskets, bins or robe hooks to store items that can be worn again before washing. Keeping these items separate from clothing already organized in your closet will keep the clutter to a minimum, and keep clothes from wrinkling in a pile on the floor.

Set a calendar reminder to revisit this process once a year. 






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