Filters are great, but great skin is better! Healthy Skin Tips

Filters Are Great, But Great Skin Is Better!

Summer is almost over and it’s time to get your skin ready for fall. As warm temperatures leave and cooler weather prevails, we ask our local skin expert Yolanda Tandy to share some Pro tips on facial care. Let’s get into it! 

We can all agree that having great skin can come at a price but often times neglected skin pays an even higher price in the long run. With that being said,  seeking out an esthetician who will create a custom regimen for you is the number one Pro Tip. During the aging process (30-40) loosing collagen and muscles tone in our faces is exaggerated by the dog days of summer. Our skin doesn’t bounce back as quickly as our younger sisters.

Which leads me into Pro tip number two. From long morning walks in the sun, iced coffee and cocktails dehydration is likely to  leave your skin dry and dull. Adding a healthy does of hydration to plump and smooth the skin is a must. Keeping you skin hydrated year around with a great moisturizer and perferably one that contains an SPF will have you in A plus condition heading into fall.

Pro tip number three is exfoliate. Exfoliation is the process of polishing away dead skin cells to give you a smoother brighter overall skin tone. Yolanda suggest determining which type of exfoliation treatment should be up to you and your professional skin therapist or esthetician. Todays options can range from store bought scrubs, to elaborate treatments performed by medical professionals like dermatologist. Discuss your skincare goals and put together a plan with professional treatments that will rejuvenate and hydrate your skin.

Pro tip number four mask and purge! Yes, topical treatments are a great way to purge toxins and free-radical damage from the environment out of your skin. A relaxing facial massage will increase circulation giving your skin a natural glow.

Pro tip number five consistency. Create a regimen for you morning and evening skin care. You’re  never too young or too old to start good habits. Cleans 2x daily, Moisturize with SPF, Exfoliate 2x per week and add a great night time serum like vitamin C to keep you going and glowing all year long.

If  you’re in the Indianapolis area and wanting to end your summer skin on a high note visit us at My Sister’s Stuff Salon Or contact Yolanda on linked in.

Schedule a visit today to achieve optimal results by creating a custom skin care plan!


Written by Stephanie Kirkland 

Owner of My Sister’s Stuff Salon  

Yolanda Tandy
Licensed Esthetician & Massage Therapist


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